Extracts and certificates

Here you will find the following extracts and certificates: Certificate of conduct (VOG), extract from the civil register, extract from the municipal person records (BRP) and receiving visitors from abroad.

Certificate of Conduct (VOG)

Employers and other organizations may request a Certificate of Conduct (VOG). This statement says that your behaviour is no objection to a certain task or function. Justis investigates whether you have done something criminal in the past. For example, a VOG is mandatory for teachers, taxi drivers and people in childcare. This certificate may also be required when applying for a visa or work permit, for example.

Extract from the Civil Register

All big life events, such as birth or death, marriage or divorce, are registered with the municipality in which the event took place. Would you like proof of such an event which took place in Helmond? Please request for an extract from the Civil Register.

Extract from the Municipal Personal Records (BRP)

With an extract from the Personal Records Database (BRP) you can prove that you are registered in our municipality. It shows your name, date and place of birth, address and your citizen service number. Depending on why you need the extract, it may contain other details too.

Receiving visitors from abroad

If you have visitors from abroad, you may have to ask for a guarantee or a private accommodation. Your visit needs this when applying for a visa.