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We deeply value your privacy and the protection of it. That is why appreciate the fact that you visit our website, but we not need to know your name or other things. Information about your visit to our website (like the IP address of your computer) are only used to support technical decisions and statistical processing and never used to identify individuals.
The information provided for information requests or e-mail is used solely for handling the application or response and then destroyed.

Cookies and Google Analytics

In order to better match our website to the needs of our visitors (where are you looking for, which pages are well-visited and which ones do not etc.) we use Google Analytics. We hereby process personal information from our visitors with cookies. To ensure that your privacy is protected, we have taken the 4 steps (measures) required by our Personal Data Protection Act(Wbp):

  • We have concluded an editorial agreement with Google;
  • We have chosen to mask the last octet of the IP address;
  • We turned off ‘share data’
  • We do not use other Google services in conjunction with the Google Analytics cookies


Regarding e-mail we have the following proces:

  • The municipality of Helmond has a general e-mail address Large projects will announce separate e-mail addresses
  • We make sure that your e-mail arrives at the appropriate department and you will receive a response within five (working)days. When you sent an e-mail to our general e-mail address ( Then the content of your mail will be looked into. If the content require to be registered (in connection with legal procedures and time limits), you will receive a receipt by mail, which department will process your apply
  • In general, simple questions are answered as soon as possible by e-mail or phone. More complex questions are formally registered and receive the same treatment as an incoming letter. For this category of questions, though, there is a formal six-week deadline, but in general, we will answer your question earlier.


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The digital sending of (request) forms is useful. We remind you that e-mail messages can be read by others. We do not accept liability for this.