Waste containers

In Helmond we use waste containers: grey (residual waste), green (vegetables, fruit, garden waste), blue (paper), with the exception of high-rise buildings and the Veste in Brandevoort.

Collection days

If you want to know when which waste is collected? Go to www.deafvalapp.nl and fill in your zip code and house number. You can also download the app.

Request/change container + rates

The waste containers are 140 liter and 240 liter. Do you want an extra container, or switch from large to small or visa versa? If you moved then you can make one appointment to switch your container free of costs. Any other changes cost €30,-. For more information call us at 14 0492.

Every household gets 2 small containers (140 liter residual- and 140 liter green-waste) and a papercontainer (140 or 240 liter). The rates go up if you use large or more containers. If you don't use the containers, the rates you pay are based on the amount of waste you have deposit. Most of the time that will be the base rate.

You don't want a papercontainer?

The papercontainer is not mandatory. But you can not place your paper waste on the street anymore, therefor you need to bring your waste to one of the following stations:

  • Fanfare Stiphout, Kloosterstraat 5 (Friday and Saturday 8.00-12.00 hrs)
  • CV de Kluppels Mierlo-Hout, Koeveldsestraat 16 (Saturday 9.00-13.00 hrs)
  • Kringloopwinkel, Noorddijk 2 (Monday t/m Saturday 9.30-16.30 hrs)
  • Milieustraat, Gerstdijk 1 (working days 13.00-17.00 hrs, Saturday 8.30-16.00 hrs)

How do I place my container on the road?

You are responsible for placing the container in a correct manner on the road. Keep the following in mind:

  • Place the container on the pavement, with wheels and handles towards the street
  • Make sure the lid is closed. You can not place garbage bags or boxes up or next to the container
  • Place the container before 07.30 hrs on the collection day. You may also place the container the night before (from 22.00 hrs)
  • Make sure the right waste is in the right container

Container not fully emptied?

For a container not fully emptied, the collection service will not return. Most of the time there is waste stuck at the bottom. Please make sure all waste is detached before you place it on the street.

Container missing?

Theft or loss of a container can be reported digitally to the City Guard via the link below. The City Guard reports this to the municipality. After this you will receive a new container of the same type free of charge.

Are you moving?

Waste containers belong to your address. If you're moving it is important you clean the containers and put them in a locked place. Do you use a collection container with others? Then make sure you leave the key to the new residents of your house. If this is not possible, send the key to the municipality, to Department Groen en Afval, Postbus 950, 5700 AZ Helmond.