Other types of waste

On this page you will find information about the following waste: glass, textile, fry fat/oil, small chemicals and others.


Nowadays you can put glass with lid and leftovers in the glass bin. You do not need to clean the glass anymore.

What can and can't be put in the glass bin?

Yes No
Bottles and pots for drinks, food, cosmetics and medicine Broken windows or mirrors
'Little glass', like bottles for babyfood, deodorant, perfume or little pots for herbs and spice Glass oven shells, or other heat resistant glass
  Light bulbs


At several places in Helmond you will find textile containers. These containers are not placed by the municipality, but are most of the times local initiatives. If you have questions about the container (for instance it's too full), you can call the number that's on the container. You can also bring your textile to the Circuit Shop (Noorddijk 2, tel. 0492 54 68 93). If you have large amounts of textiles, you can ask if they can pick it up at your home.

What can and can't be put in the textile container?

Yes No
Broken clothes Mattresses
Shoes Clipping residue
Household textiles Severe filthy/wet textile
Sheets, cushions and blankets Toys
Hats Books
Fabrics larger than 25 x 25 cm Carpeting
Leather en fabric bags  

Small chemicals

You can deposit your small chemicals in two ways:

  1. The 'small chemical-bus' collects twice a year this waste in your district. You can find the dates in the waste calendar or the WasteApp.
  2. You can bring your small chemical waste throughout the year to the recycle center.

Collect small chemical waste in a box in their original packaging. If you do not have the original packaging left, keep the remainders separately and indicate the name and the substance of the product.

 These products you can put in the small chemical waste bin  
Batteries Medicines
Lamp oil Pesticides
Motor oil Oil filters
Finished oil Petroleum
Nitric acid Sulfuric acid
Paint products like turpentine, paint thinner etc. TL tubes
(Injection) needles Energy efficient lamps
Hydrochloric acid Mercury thermometer / switches

Liquid fat and cooking oil

Do not pour your used (liquid) fats and oils through the sink or the toilet. This can cause the sewer to clog. Therefore supply the grease or oil with a yellow container.

There a several supermarkets where yellow containers are available:

  • Van Rijsingen Mierlo Hout, De Hoefkens 1
  • Emté Helmond-West, 2e Haagstraat 42
  • Emté Rijpelberg, Wederhof 14
  • Jumbo Bloemenbuurt, Azalealaan 64
  • Jumbo Brandevoort De Veste, Huiskensstraat 2
  • Jumbo Stiphout, Dorpsstraat 58D
  • Plus winkelcentrum De Bus, Nieuwveld 19

You can also bring your liquid fat to the Waste recycle center.

Plastic, Metal, Cardboard (PMC)

There are special PMC bags where you can not only put plastic waste, but also metal (cans) and beverage cardboard (juices, milk etc.) The PMC-bags are collected every two weeks. You may place the bag on the street before 07.30 hours on the morning of the collection day.

If you're out of PMC-bags, you can get them for free at the following places: (max. 1 role per customer):

  • Brandevoort: Albert Heijn en Jumbo
  • Brouwhuis: Albert Heijn en Jumbo
  • Centre: AH-XL, Stadswinkel
  • Dierdonk: Albert Heijn
  • Helmond-Noord: Plus (De Bus)
  • Helmond-Oost: Jumbo en Jan Linders (Dijksestraat)
  • Helmond West: Emté
  • Mierlo-Hout: Jan Linders en Jumbo
  • Rijpelberg: Emté
  • Stiphout: Jumbo