Waste and environment

On these pages you will find all the information about waste and environment.

Waste collection calendar (DeAfvalApp)

On the waste collection calendar you'll find the dates when we collect the waste per district. You can also use 'DeAfvalApp'; just fill in you zip code and it will give you customized information for your own address (Dutch only).

Removing asbestos

Asbestos is very harmful to your health when you inhale asbestos fibers. For example, asbestos may occur in corrugated sheets (rooftops of barns and garages), vinyl (or old) floor covering (asbestos-containing underlayer) and chimneys or air ducts (at the heater or central heating system, ventilation duct). Do you want to remove asbestos? Than you need to make a demolition report, because you need to have permission to remove asbestos. Even if you do this with a certified company.

Waste containers

In Helmond we use waste containers: grey (residual waste), green (vegetables, fruit, garden waste), blue (paper), with the exception of high-rise buildings and the Veste in Brandevoort.

Other types of waste

On this page you will find information about the following waste: glass, textile, fry fat/oil, small chemicals and others.

Waste recycling station (Milieustraat)

You can bring your waste to the Waste recycling station, Gerstdijk 1, 5704 RG in Helmond (Industrial estate BZOB).