Passport and ID card

With an ID card, you can travel throughout Europe. For other countries, you will need a passport. Anyone with Dutch nationality can request a Dutch passport and a Dutch ID card.

Urgent request for passport or ID

You can collect your new passport or ID card after 5 working days. Does this take too long? Please contact us by 14 0492, and we will schedule an appointment with you in the emergency calendar. If you request the emergency procedure before 14:00, you will have your passport or ID card within 1 business day. An urgent request will incur additional costs.

Stolen or lost?

You can report the loss to the city hall. This can be done simultaneously with the request for your new travel document. For this, make an appointment online (via the links below) or contact us at 14 0492. Declaration by the police is not necessary.

Make a digital appointment

Approach to request a passport or ID

Requesting and collecting a passport or ID card can only be made by appointment. To request a passport or ID card:

  1. Make an appointment digitally (via the link above) or by telephone at the city hall.
  2. Take this with you on your appointment to the city hall. 
    • All your travel documents (passports and ID cards), even if they have expired. Do you have dual nationality? Then include your foreign travel document.
    • A matching colour photo that complies with the guidelines ( A school photo does not comply with the guidelines.
  3. You need to pay for your passport or ID card during the application. Please pay by PIN.
  4. During the application we will make an appointment for you to collect your passport or ID card.

Passport or ID card for children

Children need their own passport or ID card to travel abroad. Children from 14 years old must be able to identify themselves in the Netherlands. The child must be present personally at the appointment. From 12 years old, children may request an ID card. Both parents or guardians must give their permission in order to apply for a passport for children under the age of 18. There are two possibilities for this:

  1. A parent or guardian goes to the city hall for the application. The other parent or guardian gives written permission via the form permission travel document child(ren) (Dutch form only). Both passports, ID cards or driving licences are needed. You may also bring copies. 
  2. If both parents or guardians cannot come to the city hall, then they both have to give written permission via the form ‘permission travel document child(ren)’. Please include the signed forms and (copies of) passports, ID cards or driving licences. 

Costs 2023

The costs for a Dutch passport are €58,85 (for persons up to 18 years) and  €77,85 (for people aged 18 and over).

The costs for a Dutch ID card card are €37,95 (for persons up to 18 years) and €70,35 (for people aged 18 and over). When you need your passport or ID card urgently, it costs €53,00 extra (rates 2023).


After 5 business days, you can collect your passport or ID card. You have 3 months to get your passport or ID card.