Register a birth

Have you just become a father or a mother? Congratulations! You should register your baby's birth within 3 days at the municipality where the child was born. Is the third day a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday? Then you can do the registering on the first working day afterwards. You can make an appointment for the birth registering online via the button below.

Apply online

Please be aware that due to measurements taken to limit the impact of the coronavirus, opening hours of the Stadswinkel are limited. Until further notice, the opening hours are:

Monday - Friday : 09:00 - 12:00

At this time, appointments can only be made to:

- register a birth
- register a death
- apply for an emergency passport or ID cart (only when you are travelling before the 15th of april)
- apply for a driving license (when valid for less than a month)

We urge you to postpone your appointment in case you are showing health complaints that can be linked to the coronavirus (for instance: nose colds, coughing or fever)


The father or duo-mother can make a birth registering. Are the father or duo-mother unable to do this? Then it must be done by someone who was attending the birth. Was no one there at the birth? Then the birth registering can be done by:

  • a resident of the house in which the child was born
  • the head of the institute (for example hospital) where the child was born
  • the mayor or a designated official

If you can make an appointment within 3 days, then you can do this digitally via the application button. If this does not work, please contact us. In that case we will make an emergency agreement with you.

What you need to make a registering of birth:

  • a valid ID (your own)
  • a valid ID of the mother of the child
  • newborn data
  • a copy of the instrument of recognition of unborn child (if applicable). You received this copy during your recognition appointment
  • your wedding booklet (if applicable). Has your child been born in Elkerliek Hospital? Then bring the birth card with you


Birth registering does not cost anything. Do you want an excerpt from the birth certificate? For this you pay €13,80 (rate 2020). You pay this amount when applying.