Marriage or registered partnership

Are you getting married? Congratulations! You can arrange matters with the municipal of Helmond. Report to us that you want to get married in Helmond. You can report your wedding plans from 1 year before your marriage up to 2 weeks before your marriage. We recommend that you hold a minimum of 6 weeks. Include a valid ID of you and your partner and the testimonial form. The municipality checks whether you can marry one another.

Additional documents

Sometimes we need additional documents. For example, if you were born abroad, lived there, you are divorced or if you do not have Dutch nationality. Please contact us by telephone number 14 0492 10 months before your wedding or partnership date. We will then tell you what documents you need to bring with you. 

If you both do not live in the Netherlands and you and/or your partner have Dutch nationality, you can only mention your intended marriage/partnership in the municipality of The Hague (The Hague).

Marriage name

If you do not have the Dutch nationality, in many countries it is possible that a spouse accepts the family name of his or her partner when entering into a marriage or partnership (marriage name). In those countries the husband gets the other name. This is a definitive change to the last name. This is not the same as name use, because only the contact name changes. In a number of countries, it is believed that a marriage name can only be chosen at the time of the marriage.

To ensure that you or your partner gets a marriage name, you can contact the nearest embassy or consulate of that country in the Netherlands. Together with your partner and the embassy official, you fill in and sign the 'Declaration on the gender reassignment name in the Netherlands'. You will receive the original statement as soon as possible at the reception of the Stadswinkel or send us to us. We can only guarantee that the marriage name will be immediately included in the marriage or partnership agreement and the Municipal Personal Records (BRP) if we have received the declaration at least 2 weeks before the ceremony.

You can find the 'Declaration of the gender reassignment in marriage in the Netherlands' under forms.


You can already report your plans for 1 year before your wedding day or partner registration. The last option for the report is 2 weeks before your wedding. Do you have to submit documents to the municipality that come from abroad? Keep in mind that 2 weeks are too short. We advise you to contact us 10 months in advance via 14 0492. Then we will gladly tell you if and which documents you have to deliver.
You can go through these steps to arrange your marriage or partnership registration:

  1. You contact us via 14 0492. We are happy to discuss with you whether you need to submit additional documents.
  2. You make a choice for a location. You discuss your wishes with the owner of the location.
  3. You state your intended marriage or partnership with DigiD via the 'request online' button above. You will also need a copy of the identity documents (passport, identity card, driver's license or residence permit) from 2 to 4 witnesses. It is useful to collect this data before you start the message. If you do not have DigiD, contact us via 14 0492.
  4. Do you want to get married at a 'one-off' location? Then you can complete, sign and email the above form for 'one-off locations' to
  5. We will inform you as soon as possible if everything is in agreement and if we have a marriage official available for your marriage. Have you opted for a 'one time wedding location'? Then we let you know at the same time if we agree with this.


Free marriage / partnership

On Monday morning at 9.00 and 9.15 am, residents of Helmond can get married free of charge at the counter in the Stadswinkel. You only pay the cost of the wedding book. Details of a free marriage or partnership are:

  • It takes 10 to 15 minutes
  • There is no ceremony or speech
  • Only the couple and the witnesses are present

Marriage or partnership reduced rate

Helmond residents can also marry at a City Hall meeting room on Monday morning at 9.45, 10.15 and 10.45 am. Details of a marriage or partnership reduced rate are:

  • You get a greatly reduced rate, excluding the cost of the wedding book (optional)
  • There is a short speech and a nomination of a poem
  • There are a maximum of 10 attendees, next to the couple and the witnesses

Wedding venues

In addition to these wedding venues, the municipality has designated 11 locations where you can completely complete your marriage in your own way. You can check the locations via the 'apply online' link under 'forms'. 

Own location

You can also choose a 'one-time wedding location'. This can be at your home or in a special place. In the 'one time wedding location' form, you will read what conditions such a location should meet.


The report of intended marriage or partnership costs nothing. The total costs depend on the location, the day and time of the marriage or registered partnership and the purchase of a marriage certificate. You pay the costs via iDEAL if you digitally report your intended marriage or partnership. It is possible that the location will charge extra for the rental of the wedding room. You pay these costs directly to the location.

Rates (2018)

  • In a conference room designated by the municipality in Boscotondo (Frans Joseph van Thielpark 1) on Monday morning, without amenities € 156,-.
  • In Elkerliek Hospital (Wesselman Avenue 25, Helmond), if a medical condition requires a marriage there € 136,-.
  • In a wedding venue designated by the municipality of Helmond as House of Commune (excluding costs charged by location) € 358,-. On Saturday this costs € 153,- extra.
  • In its own location (a location that is not yet available) € 507,-. On Saturday this costs € 153,- extra.