Register a death

If someone died, this must be passed on to the municipality in which the person died. This also applies to a still born child. Usually the funeral entrepreneur does this on behalf of the relatives. But you might want to do this yourself. Then you first need to make an appointment. You can do this digitally via the button below or call with the City Store (Stadswinkel) tel. 14 0492.

After the declaration has been made, you will be given permission to bury or decease the deceased. The municipality of Helmond also ensures that the basic registration of persons (BRP) is adjusted. The municipality of Helmond makes a death certificate.

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You are not allowed to bury or cremate the deceased within 36 hours of the passing, or later than 6 workdays after the passing. Do you wish to bury or cremate the deceased sooner? Than you need approval of the prosecutor and the mayor of Helmond.


There are no costs for the declaration of death. An extract of the death certificate costs €13,20 (rate 2018). You will pay this at your request.