• Brexit and exchanging UK driving licences

    Wednesday 2 December 2020
    If you are registered in the Netherlands and you have a UK driving licence, you can exchange your licence until 31 December 2020. Until 31 December 2020 a transition period will be in place.

  • Information desk for entrepreneurs

    Thursday 19 March 2020
    Entrepreneurs who are affected by the coronacrisis and are looking for answers to their questions can contact our information desk.

  • Measures taken by The Netherlands to deal with the economic consequences of COVID-19

    Wednesday 18 March 2020
    In order to deal with the economic consequences of COVID-19, the Dutch government has introduced several measures, which as of March 17 include:

  • Current information regarding waste collection

    Tuesday 17 March 2020
    The developments surrounding the coronavirus also impact the waste collection in Helmond. Here you can read the most current information regarding this subject.

  • Temporary camera surveillance at Weverspark and Advocaat Botsplein

    Friday 23 August 2019
    From Friday 23 August 2019, two surveillance cameras have been installed at Weverspark and Advocaten Botsplein. These surveillance cameras focus on the public part of the two locations. Police and municipal supervisors are involved. The public prosecutor has granted permission for the actual placement of the cameras. Camera surveillance has been communicated with both the neighbourhood council and the neighbourhood prevention team.