Waste collection tax

The municipality collects and processes waste at least once a week. For this, you pay a resident's annual waste tax to the municipality. You usually receive the assessment for municipal taxes in January.

How much you pay depends on the size and number of containers you use on January 1st. If you do not use a container and offer waste in other ways (for example, through collecting containers), you usually pay the base rate.


Quantity of containers Rates 2020 (annual)  
140 liters of residual waste and 140 liters of gft waste €213,12 (base rate)  
1 x 240 liter and 1 x140 liter container (rest or gft) €246,72  
2 x 240 liter containers €280,32  
Extra container 140 liters €47,04  
Extra container 240 liters €80,64  


If you disagree with the height of the assessment, you can object within 6 weeks. You fill in the online objection form. To do this you need a DigiD code.

Unfortunately the digital form is not available at this moment. If you would like to submit your objection, send an email to belastingbezwaren@helmond.nl. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Online objection form against the charge (Dutch only)