Sewage charge

Sewage tax is a municipal tax for the use of municipal sewerage. All users of lots from which direct or indirect water is discharged pay sewerage. This applies to both residential and commercial buildings and non-residential properties. The municipality uses the sewerage money to maintain sewage and apply new parts and for measures to manage rainwater drainage and groundwater level.


You will receive a municipal tax annually in January. Here you will find the amount you have to pay. We ask large consumers to fill in a tax return form. Based on this, we determine the amount of sewage tax. We will send you this form automatically.

Are you moving?

  • If you move within Helmond, we will not adjust the amount. You will pay for the new building from January 1st next year.
  • If you move to another municipality, we will return the overpaid amount.
  • If you move from another municipality to Helmond, you will pay from the following month after your establishment.


For plots with an area of 30 m² or less without direct sewage connection, you do not have to pay a sewerage fee. How much you pay depends on the amount of water taken from the plot. In most cases, this relates to the amount of water you consume. You are a small consumer if you consume less than 1,200 m³ of water per year. You will pay € 212,28 in 2018. If you consume more than 1,200 m³ per year, you are a major consumer. You pay a fee for each m³, in addition to the fixed amount for small consumers.

Amount of m³ Rate 2021
For each m³ above 1200 to 50.000 m³ €0,35
For each m³ above 50.000 m³ to 100.000 m³ €0,28
For each m³ above 100.000 m³ to 200.000 m³ €0,23
For each m³ above 200.000 m³ to 300.000 m³ €0,14
For each m³ above 300.000 m³ €0,06


If you disagree with the tax assessment, you can object within 6 weeks. You can use the form below (DigiD required):

Unfortunately the digital form is not available at this moment. If you would like to submit your objection, send an email to Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Submit your objection digitally (Dutch only)