Payment taxes

The local taxes can be paid in two different ways. You can transfer the money yourself, but you can also arrange a direct debit authorization.

1. Transfer the money yourself

You transfer the amount yourself to account number NL45 BNGH 0285 16 92 62. This amount must be on the account of the municipality of Helmond within the period stated on the assessment note. Use the payment feature that appears on the bill. This feature uses the municipality when automatically processing your payment.

2. Direct debit

You can authorize us through the written application form for collection of municipal taxes (no DigiD code required). We then collect the total amount in 8 terms automatically from your bank account. This will happen at the end of the month, starting the month following the month mentioned in the report of the assessment. Paying through a permit is for private individuals only.

If you would like to change your account number or cancel direct debit, you can print, fill in and submit the change form to: 

Team Belastingen
Postbus 950
5700 AZ, Helmond

If you would rather go to the city hall to request direct debit, please make an appointment first. For more information about direct debit, you can mail to

What happens when I do not pay on time?

We advise you to pay in time. If you have not paid for the expiration date mentioned in the assessment, you will receive a reminder. For this we charge costs according to the cost law collection of national taxes. If you do not pay the assessment after the notice, the recovery will continue with a compulsion order.

  • If you cannot pay the assessment within the deadline, you can request a payment. Please contact us by e-mail via or by telephone at 14 0492.
  • If you do not have enough income to pay the assessment, you can apply for a remission.
  • If you do not agree with the assessment, you can submit an objection.