Dog tax

For each dog you own, you pay annual tax to the municipality. The amount of dog tax depends on the number of dogs you have. You can digitally sign up or unsubscribe your dog(s). You need a DigiD code for this.

Do you get a new dog? Or are you coming to live in Helmond? Then you have to report your dog to the municipality within 14 days. You will receive a tax assessment after registration. The municipality calculates the tax for the remaining time of this year (until December 31).

Do you not have a dog anymore or are you going to live with your dog outside Helmond? Then report your dog immediately. You will receive the paid dog tax over the remaining months of this year. If we do not receive a notification, we will send you a tax assessment next year.


You do not have to pay taxes for all dogs. You do have to report every dog to the municipality. For example, you do not have to pay tax for guide dogs, certified police dogs for the purpose of investigating services and dogs made available to disabled persons by a foundation, association or company as handicapped dog or who are in training with a host family.


You can digitally sign up or unsubscribe your dog(s). You need a DigiD code for this.

Unfortunately the digital form is not available at this moment. If you would like to submit your objection, please use the printable forms and send them to the address below. 

Required documents

To sign up for your dog, we need the following information:

  • A fully completed application form;
  • A statement about the moment of purchase of the dog(s);
  • The number of dogs you own.

If you want to unsubscribe, we need the following documents:

  • A fully completed registration form;
  • An euthanasia statement if your dog has died from the vet. From the date on this statement, you do not have to pay any additional tax on dogs;
  • A clearance or sales receipt if you have sold or surrendered your dog. The statement must contain your data and that of the new owner and you must sign the statement.


Number of dogs Annual rates 2021  
One dog


Each next dog €126,-  
Kennel * €315,-  

* Registered with the Board of Management in the Netherlands.


You can object to the tax assessment within 6 weeks.


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