Here you will find all the information about the municipal taxes in Helmond.

Payment taxes

The local taxes can be paid in two different ways. You can transfer the money yourself, but you can also arrange a direct debit authorization.

Taxes, objection

Do not you agree with an assessment of municipal taxes or a fixed WOZ value? Then you can object to this. The municipality of Helmond has the following taxes: property tax (OZB), sewage tax, waste tax, dog tax, precision tax, tourist tax, advertising tax and parking tax. An objection to the WOZ value is also treated as an objection to the OZB assessment.

Taxes, copy of assessment

For municipal taxes, such as sewerage, waste tax, dog tax or property tax (OZB) you receive an annual assessment of the municipality. If you are owner or user of a property, the WOZ value is also stated on the assessment. Did you lose the assessment or need a copy to submit an objection? Ask the municipality for a copy.

Dog tax

For each dog you own, you pay annual tax to the municipality. The amount of dog tax depends on the number of dogs you have. You can digitally sign up or unsubscribe your dog(s). You need a DigiD code for this.

Valuation of real estate (WOZ)

Owners and users of a property, property or plot will receive a WOZ decision. This decision shows the value of your property or your land. WOZ stands for valuation of real estate. The WOZ value is used, among other things, to calculate the water tax, real estate tax and the self-catering mortgage. The value of your home or piece of land may change. For example by a renovation or by demolition.

Property tax (OZB)

As a property owner you pay a property tax (OZB). Examples of real estate are homes, shops, office buildings and garage boxes. At other business premises, the user of the property also pays property tax.

Waste collection tax

The municipality collects and processes waste at least once a week. For this, you pay a resident's annual waste tax to the municipality. You usually receive the assessment for municipal taxes in January.

Taxes, remission

If you cannot pay the city tax, the municipality may grant you remission. This means that you do not have to pay the tax. Sometimes you get remission for part of the tax. Then you will pay less tax. The municipality takes into account your income, expenses and possessions.

Sewage charge

Sewage tax is a municipal tax for the use of municipal sewerage. All users of lots from which direct or indirect water is discharged pay sewerage. This applies to both residential and commercial buildings and non-residential properties. The municipality uses the sewerage money to maintain sewage and apply new parts and for measures to manage rainwater drainage and groundwater level.