Below you will find all the necessary information you need when you want to move to Helmond, or if you want to register yourself in The Netherlands.

Moving abroad

You need to notify the municipality that you will be relocating to a different country, if you are planning to stay abroad for at least 8 months out of the next 12 months. This does not have to be in a consecutive period. You report this to the municipality up to 5 days in advance before leaving. Even if you keep your house in the Netherlands, you still have to report the move to the municipality.

Moving within/to Helmond

Are you moving from a different municipality to Helmond? Or are you moving to a different address within Helmond? Please report this to us. You can notify your move with a maximum of 4 weeks in advance, but no later than 5 days after you have moved. If you notify us of the move later, we will register you on the date we receive your notification.

Registration in the Netherlands

If you are going to live in the Netherlands, you must inform your municipality of your arrival. You also need to register with the municipality if you will spend at least 4 of the 6 months in the Netherlands. Have you never lived in the Netherlands before (or was the last time before 1994)? Then it's required to make an appointment at the newcomers' office at the city hall.