Loan for starters

You want to buy your first house, but you don't have enough financial resources? It's possible that you qualify for a 'starterloan'. You can then borrow part of the purchase amount at an attractive interest rate at the municipality. This applies to people who already live in Helmond, but also want to settle here.

The starterloan bridges the difference between the purchase price of your home and the maximum amount you can borrow from the bank. Besides the starterloan you will also have a mortgage. The interest rate is fixed for 15 years. 


In the brochure 'starterloan' (Dutch only) you will find more information, an application form, employer's statement and a checklist. You can download the brochure on this page, or ask for it at your estate agent or at the Stadswinkel. You have to fill in the application form.


The most important conditions are:

  • It's the first time you buy a house
  • Your income remains below the income limit set by the municipality
  • Your mortgage is covered by the National Morgage Guarantee (NHG)