Register a death

When someone dies, the municipality where the person died must be informed. This also applies to a stillborn child.

Permission to cremate of bury the deceased

When the death has been reported, you will be given permission to bury or cremate the deceased. The municipality of Helmond also ensures that the basic registration of persons (BRP) is adjusted and makes a death certificate. 

Report death online

Usually the funeral service provider registers a death on behalf of the relatives. You can report a death online below, or make an appointment at the Stadswinkel.

You report a death online with eHerkenning (Dutch form only), for a declaration of death.

You can also make an appointment online (Dutch form only) or by phone with the Stadswinkel, so they can help you with the report. This is possible from Monday between 12:00 pm and 02:00 pm and Tuesday to Friday between 09:00 am and 11:00 am.

Terms of register death

You are not allowed to bury or cremate the deceased within 36 hours of the passing, or later than 6 workdays after the passing. If you wish to bury or cremate the deceased sooner, you'll need approval of the mayor of Helmond.


Reporting a death is free of charge. An extract of the death certificate costs €14,30 (rate 2022). You will pay this at your request.