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    Two firework-free zones in Helmond

    Thursday 6 December 2018
    During the upcoming New Year, the municipality of Helmond will do a test with firework-free zones. These zones are the surroundings of the Elkerliek hospital and the animal park in the Warande. In these areas, you are not allowed to use fireworks during the turn of the year. These areas were carefully chosen to limit the inconvenience for patients of the Elkerliek hospital and the animals in the Warande as much as possible. Enforcement takes place through, among other things, camera surveillance.

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    Change of timetable buses

    Tuesday 27 November 2018
    As of 9 december 2018 the timetable of buses in Southeast Brabant will change. This is said by Service provider Bravo. Every year in december the new timetable of public transport commences. The reason the departure times have changed, is because the NS train times at a number of stations will also change as of 9 December 2018. With the new timetable, passengers get better connections, sometimes different line numbers and changed routes with other times.

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    Fall leaf collection

    Thursday 11 October 2018
    As of monday the 22th of october, 400 leaf baskets will be placed throughout Helmond. In addition the municipality is deploying additional staff with sweepers and leaf blowers. You can also help prevent nuisance in your neighbourhood by depositing leaf waste (no branches or organic waste) in the leaf containers.

  • Information swimming water Berkendonk

    Friday 13 July 2018
    Research carried out by the Aa en Maas Water Board has shown that the substance PFOA (more or less the predecessor of GenX) has been found in the Berkendonk swimming water.

  • New textile containers throughout Helmond

    Monday 4 June 2018
    Last weekend, new textile containers were installed throughout Helmond. Some locations have therefore been changed.