• 'Highest point' theatre Speelhuis

    Wednesday 6 September 2017
    On December 20, 2016, the rebuilding of Theater Speelhuis started. The building is on schedule and the highest point, 'the roof', is reached. This was celebrated on Wednesday afternoon 6th September.

  • Roadworks Molenstraat

    Tuesday 22 August 2017
    On Monday 21 August, roadworks will start in the Molenstraat. A gas pipeline will be replaced between the Zuidende and the Pastoor van Leeuwenstraat. The work is expected to last 6 weeks.

  • Opening sustainable pavilion

    Friday 21 July 2017
    On May 2nd, our mayor opened the new pavilion of Playground "Helmond-West". The pavilion has 46 solar panels and is thus the most sustainable pavilion of Helmond!

  • Summer fair: 6-12 July

    Friday 21 July 2017
    The summer fair will be held this year from Thursday 6 until Wednesday 12 July. There are about 60 attractions on and around the Market, Ameide Square, Watermolenwal, Speelhuis Square and Havenpark.

  • Prize winners 'Exact parking'

    Friday 7 July 2017
    This afternoon, alderman Erik de Vries presented the prize of 'Exact Parking'. The question was how many participants there are now in Helmond. The correct amount was on Sunday, May 7, 16.475. In the meantime, the counter is over 16.800.