Valuation of real estate (WOZ)

Owners and users of a property, property or plot will receive a WOZ decision. This decision shows the value of your property or your land. WOZ stands for valuation of real estate. The WOZ value is used, among other things, to calculate the water tax, real estate tax and the self-catering mortgage. The value of your home or piece of land may change. For example by a renovation or by demolition.


The WOZ value applies to one tax year. If you move over the course of the year, you can retrieve the WOZ value of your new home.


Want to know how the WOZ value has been determined? Or do you need a copy of your WOZ decision? Then you can request a tax report or a copy of the WOZ decision via the link below. DigiD is required for this.  You will then receive an online form from the Digital Municipal Office. You can only request a tax report if you are the owner or user. 

You can also make an appointment with the city hall. Make an appointment online for a copy of the WOZ decision (Dutch only).

To request a copy of the WOZ decision you need:

  • A valid ID
  • A copy of the (provisional) purchase deed if you have recently become an owner


Requesting a tax report or a copy of the WOZ fee is free.


If you disagree with the valuation of your property, property or plot (WOZ), you may object. You have to do this within 6 weeks of the date of the decision.


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