Taxes, remission

If you cannot pay the city tax, the municipality may grant you remission. This means that you do not have to pay the tax. Sometimes you get remission for part of the tax. Then you will pay less tax. The municipality takes into account your income, expenses and possessions.

Do you receive full remission every year? Then it is possible to automatically check your right to remission. You must give permission to the municipality here. The municipality requests your data at different authorities and then decides whether you are eligible for automated remission. The results of this will be obtained from your assessment.


You can apply for remission for sewage charges, real estate tax (OZB) and waste tax. In case of waste tax, you can only get a remission for the basic package (2 small containers of different colours). If you are eligible for full remission, you only pay the difference between the base amount and the amount for larger or more containers.


Request the cancellation within 8 weeks with the municipality. This will prevent collection costs. You can submit a written application (and send it to the address below) or collect and submit a form at the Stadswinkel. You do not have to make an appointment.

Please be aware that due to measurements taken to limit the impact of the coronavirus, opening hours of the Stadswinkel are limited. Until further notice, the opening hours are:

Monday - Friday : 09:00 - 12:00

At this time, appointments can only be made to:

- register a birth
- register a death
- apply for an emergency passport or ID cart (only when you are travelling before the 15th of april)
- apply for a driving license (when valid for less than a month)

We urge you to postpone your appointment in case you are showing health complaints that can be linked to the coronavirus (for instance: nose colds, coughing or fever)


You also need copies of:

  • Income data of yourself, your partner and children
  • Tax rebates you receive
  • Taxes allowances (rent allowance, health allowance, child-related budget, childcare allowance)
  • You receive childcare allowance, than a recent specification (bill) of childcare costs
  • Specification of eligible rent
  • Received alimony and income from room rental
  • Mortgage debt, mortgage interest and return income tax (if owned by own property)
  • Health premium
  • Payment Alimony
  • Refund charges per month
  • Final bank statements (whole month) of current accounts and savings accounts with balance
  • Vehicle license (if in possession)
  • Specification of other assets


The municipality will try to make a decision within 4 months of receipt of your application. This term may be extended once. Upon receipt of your application, the municipality will block the part for which you have filed a remission. You do not have to pay this part for the time being. However, you must pay the unblocked amounts before the due dates. If the municipality assigns your request, this also means remission of the water system and purification tax by the Waterschap Aa en Maas.


If you do not agree with the decision on the remission, you can file an administrative objection. You have to do this within 10 days. Direct your objection to: College van burgemeester en wethouders (address below). Please note: filing an objection does not mean that the payment will be delayed. 


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