Taxes, objection

Do not you agree with an assessment of municipal taxes or a fixed WOZ value? Then you can object to this. The municipality of Helmond has the following taxes: property tax (OZB), sewage tax, waste tax, dog tax, precision tax, tourist tax, advertising tax and parking tax. An objection to the WOZ value is also treated as an objection to the OZB assessment.

After notice of the assessment, you will have 6 weeks to submit your objection. You will receive a written acknowledgment of receipt. Within the year you object you will receive a written statement.


You can submit your objection online. You need a DigiD code for this. Companies log in with the subject number and rating bill number.

Unfortunately the digital form is not available at this moment. If you would like to submit your objection, send an email to Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Online objection form against the assessment (Dutch only)

Do you submit your objection in writing? Your statement must state:

  • Your name and address
  • The date on which the objection was written
  • a description and the date of the assessment or the WWZ decision (or a copy of the document)
  • The reasons for your objection
  • Your signature

You can send your written objection to the address below.


If you are only a user of the property on January 1st, you may object as well. You will receive a written statement in the year in which you object. We strive to handle your objection as soon as possible.


Team Belastingen
Postal Address:
Postbus 950
5700 AZ Helmond