Taxes, copy of assessment

For municipal taxes, such as sewerage, waste tax, dog tax or property tax (OZB) you receive an annual assessment of the municipality. If you are owner or user of a property, the WOZ value is also stated on the assessment. Did you lose the assessment or need a copy to submit an objection? Ask the municipality for a copy.


You can request the data for free in the digital municipal office via the link below. You need a DigiD code for this.

Unfortunately the digital form is not available at this moment. If you would like to submit your objection, send an email to Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Apply online for a copy of the tax assessment (Dutch only)

Do you want to apply for a copy of a tax assessment? You can do this by using our contact details at the bottom of the page. We will send the information to the object address registered with us.


A copy of the tax assessment is for free.