Two firework-free zones in Helmond

Thursday 6 December 2018

During the upcoming New Year, the municipality of Helmond will do a test with firework-free zones. These zones are the surroundings of the Elkerliek hospital and the animal park in the Warande. In these areas, you are not allowed to use fireworks during the turn of the year. These areas were carefully chosen to limit the inconvenience for patients of the Elkerliek hospital and the animals in the Warande as much as possible. Enforcement takes place through, among other things, camera surveillance.


In addition, the police and the 'Stadswacht' will check more in the coming period for use of fireworks outside of the allowed cut-off times and for illegal (bang) fireworks. You may only use fireworks from 31 december 18.00 to 1 January 02.00.
The mayor and aldermen of Helmond takes these measures in response to the results of the fireworks research that has been held among residents in recent months. "The celebration of the new year must be a party for every resident. Also the approach to it. The municipality stands up for people who experience nuisance from fireworks. We continue to act hard against illegal fireworks ", says mayor Blanksma. "Fireworks can be used, but only legally and within the permitted cut-off times. We are taking extra measures this year and residents can also contribute to this. Report nuisance and address each other. That's how we keep New Year's Eve a party for everyone! "

Reporting nuisance via app

In addition to increased surveillance, a special app will soon be available. Inhabitants can then indicate via their smartphone at which location they hear fireworks outside the cutoff times, so that the nuisance areas are clearly visible.