A death should be registered in the city where the person has died. Most of the time the undertaker takes care of this, but you can also do this yourself.


You can submit a request for a divorce or a dissolution of a registered partnership at the court. You need a lawyer for this. The court pronounces the judgment of divorce. Is the decision of the judge final (irrevocable)? Then you must report this to the municipality. As soon as the municipality signs the divorce in civil status, it is official.

Marriage or registered partnership

Are you getting married? Congratulations! You can arrange matters with the municipal of Helmond. Report to us that you want to get married in Helmond. You can report your wedding plans from 1 year before your marriage up to 2 weeks before your marriage. We recommend that you hold a minimum of 6 weeks. Include a valid ID of you and your partner and the testimonial form. The municipality checks whether you can marry one another.

Register a birth

Have you just become a father or a mother? Congratulations! You should register your baby's birth within 3 days at the municipality where the child was born. Is the third day a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday? Then you can do the registering on the first working day afterwards. You can make an appointment for the birth registering online via the button below.